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Add life to the pages of your book with removable page overlays. These sets include full color illustrations of memorable scenes on acid free semi transparent vellum. 


These measure approximately 5.5 x 8 inches for the US version and 4.5x7.5 for the UK version. Please let me know which you'd like.


This set includes:


A Kiss Among the Salt
A Walk in the Rain
The Monster
Let Her Rest
A Token on His Lips

Included is a bookmark with the suggested placement for the overlays.



All overlays are painted, printed, cut, packaged, and shipped by myself. Though I do my utmost to ensure my products are consistent and exact, THESE ITEMS ARE LOVINGLY MADE BY HAND.  YOUR ORIGINAL ARTWORK IS UNIQUE;  measurement or color discrepancies are to be anticipated.




Artwork is subject to approval and may change. 

The art depicted on the products listed for sale is wholly original to me and has been approved by Rachel Gillig for use on the products. Notwithstanding such approval Rachel Gillig has not collaborated with me in any way in the creation of the art, and the traits of any characters depicted in the art is in no way based on any foreknowledge by me of the traits of any characters in future books by Rachel Gillig.

One Dark Window Overlays

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